CSJP publishes the scientific journal “Swiss Journal of Palaeontology”. The peer-reviewed journal contains freely accessible research papers in all areas of palaeontology.

Image: Christian Klug
Swiss Journal of Palaeontology

Swiss Journal of Paleontology

The journal „Swiss Journal of Paleontology“ is the successor of the „Schweizerische Paläontologische Abhandlungen“, which appeared as a series of monographies from 1874 to 2011 at irregular intervals. Since 2011, the „Swiss Journal of Paleontology“ appears in two annual volumes and contains scientific contributions (including monographs) of all research fields in palaeontology. All manuscripts are peer reviewed by specialists from the international palaeontological community.


Commission for the Swiss Journal of Palaeontology (KSJP)
c/o Prof. Dr. Christian Klug
Universität Zürich
Paläontologisches Institut und Museum
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